How To Get Rid Of Rodents

Rodents are often unwelcome pests in Australian households, requiring pest control services to evict them.

There are various ways to get rid of rodents from your home, all of which need good preparation and some degree of effort. Killing them requires more effort than simply removing their access point to your home.

Some pest control companies offer mouse removal services while others only provide other pest management services for insects like ants or spiders. Acacia Pest Control is one company that offers both pest control and rodent removal services throughout the Geelong area.

DIY Rodent Removal Methods

1. Trapping a rodent can be an effective way to remove rodents without killing them by using humane traps, although this is not a permanent solution as new rodents will soon replace the old.

2. Moth balls and other pest-repelling methods such as black pepper, citrus peel or eucalyptus oil can be used to keep rodents away from your household.

3. Natural predators that may help reduce rodent numbers include birds of prey and possums.

Professional Rodent Removal Methods

1. Making your home less attractive to rodents is the first step in pest control for rodents, including keeping all burnables out of reach, sealing up rough openings around pipes and removing waste piles wherever possible.

2. Using pest trapping gel where rodents run through their paths helps ensure capture even if they try to avoid it. This also ensures fewer dead rodents because the pest management professional will do a better job at cleaning up after themselves.

3. The pest-exclusion process may require pest control professionals to use pest cages, which will be put over the entry points into your home and then caulked in place for a permanent seal against further rodent infestation.

Acacia Pest Control offers pest management options for all types of pests, including rodents. All technicians are trained pest managers with experience managing other pest problems like ants or spiders. They take good care of their work to make sure only one visit is needed for any type of pest problem, reducing environmental impact and cost.